Video surveillance as it should be is the defacto cloud platform for managing your video surveillance footages. We handle millions of footages every day, and provide our customers with state-of-the-art features to review their data.

A high performance video management system in the cloud

One responsive application to visualize all your video surveillance footages in a clean and extremely easy-to-use interface, that's how we think video surveillance should be. Combining machine learning and tagging features, we provide context to your footages and make it possible to review the most-important footages with a breeze.

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Process local, watch cloud

We love the concept of agents. Instead of processing your video streams in the cloud, you have agents running inside your own secured network. There's no need for consuming huge bandwidth, only footages that matter are uploaded to our cloud applications. By using one of our installation methods, you can configure your complete camera infrastructure and connect it to our cloud application.

As easy as pie

Setting up a agent is as easy as pie. Using one of our installation methods, you have your first camera configured and linked to our cloud application in a matter of minutes. We hate complex setups, and endless installation manuals.

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Features you're dreaming of

We embrace the concept of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We're continously experimenting with a broad range of techniques that may advance video surveillance today and tomorrow.

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